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September 09, 2013

Adding colour into your look is a great way to stand out, and it can transform any outfit. Some people love colour, and can wear an entire bright outfit, and they can really suit it, but i'm the total opposite. I usually go for quite dark outfits, and I add a statement piece to add colour into my outfit.

In my opinion, there are four main ways that you can add colour into your look: lips, bag/accessory, nails or a bright piece of clothing.
I think it's the simple things that make a statement, you don't need tonnes of colour. I actually really love wearing all black, and then having one statement part of my look, such as the four things I just mentioned.

I'm now going to go into a little bit more detail of each aspect, and explain how I change my look with the following things.

1. Lips
I think a bold lip can transform any look, and make anyone stand out from the crowd. Personally, I love a good red lip, but pinks and oranges can do the job just as well. I usually have a bold lip if i keep my eye make-up minimal, and I also love doing so for nights out with my friends.

2. Bag
This is possibly my favourite way to add colour into your look. I think a bright, luminous bag against a black and white outfit looks incredible, and so fashionable. I especially like bright yellow, and I am in love with the bag from the image above. It's from The Cambridge Satchel Company (you can find it here), and if it wasn't over £100 I would definitely invest in it. I think i'll just need to find a cheaper alternative, somewhere, because I have literally fallen in love with this bag.

3. Nails

Ah, nails, another fab way to change up an outfit, except this time it's more subtle. If you're feeling brave, go for a fluorescent colour, but if you're like me, and don't think you suit those colours, then just go for a less bright one, or do the total opposite, go for a deep red, blue or purple, to draw attention to your nails. This is great for people who don't want the pop of colour to be too noticeable. 


And finally, clothing. It's a very vague word, but I was mainly meaning cardigans, or maybe a bright skirt, a coat, or shorts as you can see above. Again, it's a great way to add some brightness into your look without going overboard. It's just about right. I have a bright red skater skirt from ASOS that I wear on a regular basis with a plain top, an over-sized grey shirt and black opaque tights, so that the skirt stands out, and it's one of my favourite outfits to wear. I wear it way too much, but I love adding that little pop of colour.

And that's how I would add colour into a plain outfit/look. I hope you liked it.
youfounderin x

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