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September 22, 2013

So today's post was quite an easy one, it was to explain my signature scent, which is definitely a Marc Jacob's one called "Dot".

I have been wearing this since I received it as a gift from my parents, for my birthday, back in May. I wear it most days, but I literally only need one spray for it to smell, which is why I haven't even used up half of the bottle yet.
How adorable is the packaging though? I admit, it isn't  practical in any way, shape, or form, but I was instantly drawn to it, and before I had even smelled it, I decided I needed it. It looks so pretty just lined up on my shelf! Marc Jacobs is well known for his eccentric perfume bottles though, and this one is no different.
Now onto the smell, small warning, I am terrible at describing smells, but here goes nothing.. It is very sweet, and fruity, and very summery. It is a fresh smell, so it's easily wearable in the daytime, and I would say with an extra spray, it could be worn on a night out too. That's what I do anyway! The best word to describe it would definitely be "fresh".  It's not to everyone's taste, obviously, but I really love it, and it reminds me of a warm summer's day, as cheesy as that sounds.
One downside is the price. A bottle this big costs i think around the £50 mark, but the smell is just so good!

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