Recent Purchases and Intro to September Beauty Challenge (SBBC 1/9/13)

September 01, 2013

Hey everyone!
So as i'm pretty sure you can tell by the title, i'm going to be doing the "September Beauty Bloggers Challenge" , as suggested to me from here.
I love the idea of this, and blogging for a month sounds fab!
(However, I am actually on a Duke Of Edinburgh Expedition, where i'm camping from Saturday to Monday, and walking 7 hours each day, so today's post and Monday's are scheduled, so that I am still doing the challenge... right? I actually agreed to do the challenge before I found out about my DofE, wish me luck, because right now, i'll be walking and I will be dying basically....)
Anyway! I went off on a bit of a ramble..
Basically, the first challenge is either to mention some of my recent purchases, or an intro to #SBBC, why i'm doing it, and what I hope to achieve this month. I have chosen to do both, because they will be quite short.

I have chosen to do this challenge because I love all the ideas, I read through them, and I knew exactly what I was going to do for each day, and when that's the case, I can't exactly not do them? I also want to do it so that you can get to know more about me, what i'm like, my style, my favourite products, and just little random things that you didn't know about me. I'm also doing it because it looks fun!
I hope to achieve many things, the main one being to learn to post daily/regularly, as I am pretty bad for that. I think by doing this, and making myself blog every day, not only will my blog grow(hopefully), but I think I will discipline myself into blogging more in the future, because I will enjoy it more than I thought I would. (At least that's what I hope will happen!)

So that's pretty much all my reasons why i'm doing this... shall we get started on my recent purchases?

I have managed to restrain myself, and not buy a lot, which is a big thing for me, as I always buy so much stuff!

I first stopped off in Primark a few weeks ago, and picked up this gorgeous satchel. It's my current handbag, so that's why it's not in pristine condition, as i've been using it almost every day. I just love it so much.

Next I went to H&M in search of a black skater skirt, as I am in desperate need of one, and I was in luck. I got this beautiful one, which is pretty simple, it just has a zip up the back. I got it in small, because the extra small looked like it would be to short, but the small's a little bit big on my waist, but I don't think it will matter if I tuck something into it.

I then ordered these nail brushes on Amazon, so they arrived, and I am terrible at painting my nails, but they were only £3! Pointless purchase? I think so.

I lastly went to Boots. (Oh dear). I didn't come out with as much as I expected though!

I got this shower gel, from Radox, and all I can say is that it smells AMAZING.

I got this "Baby Lips" lip-balm from Maybelline, and I have used it already, and i'm not really overly impressed with it, but I guess i'll continue to try it out, in hope it gets better, as I love the packaging.

Lastly, I picked up these two nail polishes in "Matte White" and "Pomegranate". I really needed a white nail varnish for attempted nail art, and I just loved the pinky red colour on the other one. Definitely my new favourite nail colour!

So that's it for day 1 of the SBBC. I loved doing this post, and I can't wait to get the rest of the month done, as the rest of the challenges sound so cool!
Tomorrow's post will also be pre-written, and scheduled, as I will probably be home by 6/7ish, but I can tell you right now that all I will want to do is sleep, ha!

Anyway, thanks for reading!
(P.S I apologize for the terrible quality of the photos! I will  be editing them to make them better as soon as i'm home from my expedition, hope you don't mind to much!)
youfounderin x

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