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September 12, 2013

I love a good salt spray, and I use it on a daily basis, to give my hair that little bit of texture, and volume, and just to give it that "beach waves" look. (Well I like to think it gives off that effect anyway..)
However, I have tried sooooo hard to find "The perfect salt spray", and unfortunately, i'm still looking.
I have found two salt sprays, which claim to do pretty much the same thing, but I find one to be a lot better than the other.
The two products are the "L'Oreal Matt and Messy Tousled Salt spray" and the "Toni and Guy salt spray" from the "Casual" range.

So first up, i'll start with the one I bought first. It's the one from L'Oreal, and what a disappointment this was! I'd read a tonne of reviews on this before I bought it, and it got a pretty good review (mixed with some bad, but mostly good), so I had high hopes for this when I purchased it. I actually wrote a blog post on this earlier this year (which you can read here), but long story short, it wasn't great, it did nothing to my hair except leave it sticky.

However, I did find a salt spray that I am quite happy with (although I feel it could be better). First up, the packaging is really lovely, the product itself smells nice, and works well in my hair, creating waves, however, I do have to ruffle my hair instantly, otherwise it will probably turn out quite sticky.  However, it holds well, nd almost doubles as a hairspray for me, which is great. Two products for the price of one?!

So overall, I would reccomend the Tony and Guy salt spray, as it's pretty close to the "perfect" salt spray.
See you tomorrow!

youfounderin x

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